Take yourself out on dates too!

Meeting new people, going on dates with people you met on tinder, workplace or elsewhere, It’s fine. But how about taking yourself out on a date, and treat yourself the same way you would want the other person to treat you? it’s sounds awesome right? Yes!! so how about doing it often?

There are several benefits of going out alone, not specifically a solo trip, but just taking a day off from the chores and go out alone and do all your favourite things. As in if you are a person like me who likes to read and wants to be left alone, then go to some place quiet may be on a lake side and read a book, or write a blog.

I recently broke up with a close friend of mine, I was way too stressed just wanted to be on my own. So i went out to a cozy little cafe, read a book and ordered myself a cup of hot chocolate. The experience was therapeutic and gratifying. My Mind was completely at peace. I searched for some more nice places nearby to that cafe, and I spent a beautiful evening by the Lake. My eyes were fixated on the running water, I let every single thought that was bothering me to flow away with the water. It gave me a lot of time to delve into myself and figure out what is more important to me.

Give yourself time and don’t forget to do things that allow you to know yourself better.


Away from the chores

This is my day one of grounding myself. Keeping myself away from all the confusion, situations, conflicts. It feels therapeutic to be away from the outside world, to not know what others are doing. It feels so free, to not keep a check on your phone, on people who are just not giving a damn about you. it is good to isolate yourself from them as soon as possible for the wellness of your own mental health. Especially if you feel overwhelmed by the people around you. My own friends are driving me insane and there comes a point in your life when you just get tired of explaining people why you have done certain things in a particular way. why you are feeling too much. who are they anyway to question your doings? you obviously don’t owe people an explaination about everything. I don’t understand if it is obsession or sometimes you just feel way too much and care way too much about people, just because you don’t want to lose them or may be you are afraid to be left alone? but whatever it is for the first time in 25 days I felt free from the chores. There were too many distractions that bothered me to death. Yet the best part is I feel alive by being alone. For the first time in weeks my mind is at peace . And in the end it is always you, your own lover, your own soulmate, nobody can understand you the way you do.